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Welcome to our new website for 2016

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V.Ships Brasil is part of V.Group, the world’s largest supplier of marine services to the shipping and offshore industries.

Our company has been in Brazil for over 30 years, bringing the V.Ships' management standards to the Brazilian market - with the necessary customization to meet local clients’ demands.

With over 1100 vessel under management, V.Group has continuously grown its worldwide presence in recent years and is constantly seeking experienced and deeply knowledgeable personnel to be part of the V.Ships Team.

As the world’s largest independent ship manager we are constantly looking at increasing our clients, services and product provided. This includes an ongoing need to increase our pool of highly skilled and qualified personnel for the shipping and offshore industries.

Whether you would like to know more about the cost effective and proficient services that we can offer to your company, or you would like to check what career opportunities we can offer you, contact us and we will be happy to talk with you.